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​About Us...


At Infusion Tea, we pride ourselves on creating premium loose leaf blends that not only taste good but are beneficial to your mind, body and soul. We started our business purely because of our love for tea. We live our lives as organically and holistically as possible. There are many herbs that come from the earth that can heal and help, we are combining these herbs in a proprietary fashion and sharing them with the world.


 INFUSION TEA is an artistic expression of that passion!

We use only the finest  herbs and tea in our loose leaf tea blends. Some are sourced as fair trade , wild crafted , certified organic and even grown locally.  We offer a wide range of teas including black, green, matcha and herbal. Custom blends and tea wedding favours available by request.


It is my pleasure to serve you! 

Happy Steeping!

- Timothy Lamb (Owner)

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